We believe partnering with other specialists is the best way to help our clients achieve the optimal solution.

Software & Technology Partners

We are a developer partner using Microsoft technology as main platform for development of our internal software. Support for api-communication with MS C++ and C# is native in our Qlang computing language. We also deliver database support for all version of MS SQL Server.

Arcontech and our History Server can work together to store and distribute internally generated market data. The combination is a highly robust 24/7 internal realtime feed system giving financial institutions great savings on per-user costs for realtime data.

Our risk and compliance solutions work seamlessly together with the trading solutions delivered by Itiviti. We have a complete two way integration for Quantlab and ARMS using the Tbricks plug-in technology. Clients having both technologies can benefit of simple extraction of transactions, instrument definitions and market data as well as populating Tbricks with external data.

Financial Data Partners

Any type of Refinitiv data using feeds such as RMDS, Eikon realtime feed, and Refinitiv DataScope select.

Any type of Bloomberg data using Bloomberg Data License, Bloomberg Server-API and Bloomberg B-pipe.

A wide range of security master data and corporate actions from EDI.

Security master data and ISIN issues.

Webservice interface and file based data from Markit.

Reference data and streaming market data.

Nordic market data using low latency handling of streaming realtime feed or file based delivery.

Supports the Economic Scenario Generation files created formerly by Barrie and Hibbert.

Loading of MSCI’s family of index and constituents. Unpacked to an easy to use format.

Family of Stoxx indices and its constituents.

S & P Ratings on file.

Official statistics from Sweden such as Consumer Price Index and more.

Interface to both ftp based and realtime feed based data from SIX financial.

File-based deliveries of the ICE universe.

Realtime and file based market data, credit data and index constituents.

Implementation Partners

Advisense can assist in scoping, design, hands-on implementation, and validation of entire solutions or specialist functions. Advisense has long experience of our products and know in depth how to solve the client’s problems.

FinE Analytics core competences are within financial engineering, advanced mathematics, optimization and statistical methods. We have successfully together implemented advanced fixed income derivative analytics hosted on exchange quality platforms.

Specialists in risk management with long experience of using our risk solutions and tailoring risk software to customer specifications. Kidbrook Advisory helps clients improve their ability to analyse and understand the uncertainty of the future value of their financial assets and liabilities

IT-consultants with special focus on banking, especially risk and capital management. Simplicit has worked on several implementation projects of our market data and risk solutions.

Academic Partners

Together with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, we give back to our Alma Mater by supporting the Finance Lab, host student events such as the annual Finanskontakt, and take part in the general academic discussion on topics within financial mathematics. Thesis writing students are welcome with their application to work with us!