Launch of ARMS RiskEye. Enterprise risk in realtime. For real.

Today’s risk managers deal with unprecedented complexity and dynamism. Managing counterparty, credit and market risk relies on capturing, maintaining, and analyzing vast amounts of historic data, while simultaneously gaining real-time insight based on live feeds.

Many institutions rely on legacy risk management systems with limited analysis capabilities, few configuration options, and no real-time analysis. As a result, those institutions will gradually fall further behind while markets – and competitors – race into the future. For example, in today’s world, all new trading should be instantly integrated into current risk analysis in order to monitor limit breaches and potential risk/reward ratios. Similarly, for investment managers running risk-budgeted mandates, the ability to run what-if scenarios on top of the current portfolio is integral. These capabilities are often near-impossible to achieve with legacy systems. In addition, investors and government authorities require asset managers and financial institutions to manage market and credit risks with methods such as multi-factor grid stress-testing and value-at-risk. Extending legacy systems to meet new regulatory demands can be costly, demanding high capital investment.

ARMS RiskEye is a groundbreaking new solution, able to perform risk analysis in realtime using in-memory technology – previously only possible through end-of-day batch calculations – and equips risk managers with powerful tools to handle market and counterparty risk. Using the latest analytics technologies, together with a comprehensive collection of instruments and validated historic data, RiskEye supports a wide range of methodologies, enabling risk to be viewed and analyzed from multiple perspectives – such as by instrument groups, by risk class, by regions, diversification, portfolio risk, and more. RiskEye enables real-time risk analysis of new trading, and provides what-if capabilities across all instruments and portfolios.

To enable rapid deployment, RiskEye offers turn-key interfaces for popular front-office systems, with connections to live market data feeds such as Bloomberg, Reuters and more. Its flexible system architecture supports rapid configuration for regulatory changes, and the use of multiple risk management methodologies to enable legal compliance.

RiskEye offers a modern, highly flexible risk analytics solution that enables managers and institutions to gain competitive advantage, enhance decision quality, and improve risk management.