Algorithmica announces new customers

Algorithmica is pleased to announce some new and important customer cases for 2019 and beginning of 2020.

2019 was another year marked by heavy investing in underlying technical infrastructure and regulatory driven software development. Honorable mentions include; New server architecture, Python integration, New Editor and Debugger environment, the IRRBB module and much more.

A major Nordic bank went live with Algorithmica’s IRRBB platform for reporting to the European Banking Authority (EBA) during the summer months, and has since pressed on to implement the IRRBB module across the rest of the Nordics. This is an important client win as it pushes the boundaries of large scale risk calculations, running many millions of positions for both EVE and NII metrics. Running a dynamic balance sheet simulation over such a large banking book is a challenge for any software and hardware configuration. More information about this challenge to come.

Three distinctly different types of buy-side firms have also given their confidence to Algorithmica for providing them with advanced realtime driven fixed income pricing and analytics. The common denominator for all three, is the Quantlab platform with its built-in fixed income libraries and connection to Bloomberg’s and Refinitiv’s realtime feeds. All three have chosen a different approach as to how to integrate the analytics into the daily work. One is using the COM interface to drive analytics into legacy Excel spreadsheets, another has opted to run the libraries primarily from an inhouse built C# platform, whilst the third uses the Quantlab Desktop version to consume realtime and historical data.

We are very pleased that our tools-based approach works for our customers and that it gives them the flexibility to consume our tech in their own way. We will continue to open up our technical platform with REST API:s to give the clients a choice to implement micro-service architectures. This will also enable development of Quantlab component-less, thin client interfaces.

For more details regarding how Algorithmica can solve your challenges, don’t hesitate to call a sales representative.