About Us

Algorithmica successfully combines leading edge competence in quantitative finance and software development.

Our Company

We founded Algorithmica Research in 1994 with the mission of creating innovative software for quantitative financial analysis and haven’t looked back since.

Well established in northern Europe, Algorithmica has an extensive client list with top tier financial institutions. We are partner owned and has been profitable since inception, enjoying a “Triple A” credit rating from Dun & Bradstreet.

We are committed to academic work on all levels, and actively sponsor research, student activities and courses in quantitative finance.

Algorithmica is part of Advisense Group and with head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our Passion

We are passionate about increasing speed, performance and risk control for our clients. Algorithmica is a leading provider of efficient tools for real-time quantitative analysis, enabling our clients to improve price, trade, and risk management of financial transactions.

Solutions built for speed and performance are powered by Quantlab®, the award-winning software development platform for quantitative financial analysis.

In addition, Algorithmica provides products for enterprise-wide risk management and market data management including time-series data, static data, and calculated data.

Our Research & Development

As much as 85% of our staff is involved in Research and Development activities and all development is done inhouse at our main office in central Stockholm.

Core functionality is always developed and maintained by ourselves in order to give our clients the level of quality and support they have come to expect.

Recruitment is selective and mainly from the major Swedish Universities’ Master of Science or PhD programmes in Physics, Mathematics or Computer Science.